Four years ago, a family man named Peter Heck from Kokomo, Indiana, came to Glad Tidings Church in Muncie, Indiana, where my wife and I were members at the time, and over the course of four days, he made a powerful presentation entitled “78: How Christians Can Save America.”

I was enthralled. Here was this public high school history teacher from small-town, middle America traveling and delivering, in entertaining fashion, compelling truths about our nation’s history and how they might positively impact the cultural condition of our country.

And he was my age. All of it was a wake up call.

Peter’s presentation and all of the other media he was doing were definitely among the life-changing events that encouraged me to find my voice in the battle for the future of our country.

With Our Lost Founding, I simply let our Founding Fathers, Presidents, and patriots do the talking.

Peter’s motto is “Common Sense Makes a Comeback” and he offers godly wit and wisdom on the important, oftentimes divisive issues of the day. The motto of Our Lost Founding is “Unfurl Our Common Threads,” a play on words given the chosen medium, with a similar assertion to Peter’s, as I attempt to convey the theme of “In God is Our Trust” running all throughout American history.

I believe that the work we do has more than the word “Common” in common.

For all of this, I am excited to announce that Our Lost Founding has partnered with Peter Heck because I believe we are of one accord, and we both agree that the Founders were “smart dudes.”

With that, I invite you to listen to his April 15th post, during which he plugged this company for the first time. Then, check out the “common sense” in his other posts, and let him know what you think.



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