On this day in 1935, Babe Ruth retires after 22 seasons Major League Baseball. Ruth was on ten World Series champion teams and hit a record-setting 714 home runs. The following year he was one of the first five players inducted into baseball’s hall of fame.

Babe Ruth died of throat cancer in 1948. However, in his final message, with the help of a couple friends, the “Sultan of Swat” wrote:

I doubt if any appeal could have straightened me out except a Power over and above man–the appeal of God. Iron-rod discipline couldn’t have done it. Nor all the punishment and reward systems that could have been devised. God had an eye out for me, just as He has for you, and He was pulling for me to make the grade.

As I look back now, I realize that knowledge of God was a big crossroads with me. I got one thing straight (and I wish all kids did)–that God was Boss. He was not only my Boss but Boss of all my bosses.

Up till then, like all bad kids, I hated most of the people who had control over me and could punish me. I began to see that I had a higher Person to reckon with who never changed, whereas my earthly authorities changed from year to year.

Those who bossed me had the same self-battles–they, like me, had to account to God. I also realized that God was not only just, but merciful. He knew we were weak and that we all found it easier to be stinkers than good sons of God, not only as kids but all through our lives.”

Sounds like Babe Ruth is ‘safe at home.’

Babe Ruth sliding home

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